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We are offering you an all platform classified website to buy and sell, with ease.
You may deal outside this website without any other payment. Can be used by both private and commercial sales.

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Boating Classifieds

Offering classified adverts at reasonable prices is the main objective of Boating Classifieds. We are offering a fully all platform classified web site so that you can browse and contact the owner with ease. You can then deal outside this website without any other payment. This is ideal for both private and commercial sales.

The website is aimed purely at the Canal and River Boating community, so you will find only boating related items here, with the exception of google adverts. However we have tried to tune these to have some relevance to this site.

This site is aimed at all inland waterways craft and their users.

The site offers adverts for the following:

  • Narrowboats from 10 ft to 72 ft in length
  • Wide Beams from 10 ft to 72 ft in length with widths of 10 ft,  11 ft and 12 ft
  • Narrow beam GRP cruisers
  • Wide beam GRP cruisers
  • Other Craft like inflatables and Paddle Boards
  • Boat related items such as Solar Panels, Invertors, fixings etc.
  • Boating services like GasSafe fitters, Electricians, Boatfitters e.t.c.
  • Moorings
  • Boat services which includes fit outs
  • Boat sales companies

The website allows you to search a number of ways, such as by all listings, craft type, free text or even location.

Our Boating Classifieds website has many new features like the side arrow  on the main menu that takes you to our side bar menu stopping the clutter on the main page of the listings.

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FREE listings

Yes we actually have FREE listing feature where you can add say a second hand item for sale.

We also encourage both private and commercial listings. We can even add a commercial adverts for those companies that want the maximum advertising for their business.


To ensure your full security this website has fully encrypted SSL so you can be assured that when you add your information it is safe. Wishing to view the contact information? then you have to be logged into the website. This is to prevent spam and malicious contact.


A buy credit system!!! With credits, if purchased you will get more for your money than cash, thus giving you a discount.

You will be able buy credits that can be used solely to purchase an advert or in conjunction with a top up of cash when you check out.

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