Your Advert

Placing your advert on our site is simple.

However think about how you are going to word your advert.

We have placed in the advertising requirement form items such as price, and other main basic descriptions needed to sell your item. However you must think about other things.

Things to think about.

Your Pictures.

Are your pictures good enough, are they right size? are they taken in landscape mode?  have you shown all aspects of the item for sale?

Your description.

Make sure you give sizes like Height  x Depth x Width,  colour descriptions, age of item, part numbers e.t.c.
The description is important, so think on what you are selling. Think about the positives of your item, point them out.

Have got the right section?

It is important to place your item under the correct section. It will make it easier for your customer to find it.


Ensure that when you have added your advert that you check your email address and telephone number regularly.

Forgotten something in your advertisement?

No problem, you can edit even after it has gone live.

Is item now Sold?

If you have sold your item then please mark it as SOLD or take down your listing. You can do this in your advert management section under login.

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